Since forming in 2002 Sanctorum has pursued one goal: to forge their own brand of unrelenting, intense and groove-laden metal. Across ten years and three albums, the band has remained dedicated to their cause and released their latest album Old Ghost / New Wars on September 1st 2014.

Founded by lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Sly, and drummer Matt Alston, Sanctorum developed their sound through local shows, demos and an EP: culminating in their debut album The Heavens Shall Burn in 2006. The album was well received: with particular attention drawn to the fact that the band members were only 17 years old. The band supported the release with a UK tour and shows before commencing work on the follow up album Ashes of Redemption, released in 2008. This was the bands strongest release to date, and saw numerous UK tours along side bands such as My Ruin, God Forbid and Ill Nino, as well as independent festival dates including an appearance at Bloodstock 2009.

Going from strength to strength, the band began writing their third studio album Semper Fidelis. During this time the band recruited current lead guitarist Al Commons, who triggered a new creative dynamic within the band and injected a new lease of life into the music. Semper Fidelis was released independently in 2011 and the band supported the release with their most comprehensive UK tours to date, with shows in Northern Europe and an appearance at Hammerfest III.

The band has since taken time out from playing shows in order to concentrate on the up and coming album Old Ghosts / New Wars. For this album the band vowed to create the best representation of their vision to date: with frontman Aaron Sly taking on production, engineering and mixing duties. Void of outside influence and with new bass player Matt Adamson, the band entered the studio with a fresh approach – the result – is the bands most explosive, unrelenting, no-holds-barred release to date.

With their trademark determination and DIY ethic, Sanctorum plan to continue spreading their unique brand of “British Molten Metal” on their own terms, pushing their sound and performances to the limits.